Grumpy swimmers complain that the sea has “too little water”

Water shortages are a common occurrence lately. As a result, the state authorities might ask or even force you to use as little water as possible.

In 2018, a municipality neighbor to the Swedish city of Gothenburg received several complaints about the lack of water.

However, the citizens were not referring to the water in the households—they were complaining about the sea.

This summer has had record temperatures worldwide, which can have several consequences, including the lack of water.

Municipalities worldwide had to put regulations in place to mitigate the severity of the situation back in 2018.

Complains about too little water—in the sea

The Öckerö municipality in Sweden received complaints regarding the availability of water being too scarce. We are writing about this now, in 2022, because of the hilarious response from the city council!

The complaints were not about the lack of water for the shower or the tap in the kitchen—but because there was too little water in the sea to have a proper swim.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Several people reported “a lack of water in the bathing area.”

In the end, the municipality decided to respond to the bizarre complaints via social media.

"Det saknas vatten på badplatsen!"Vi får flera samtal om att det just nu är mycket lågt vattenstånd. Det ligger tyvärr…

Posted by Öckerö kommun on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

“Unfortunately, it is beyond the municipality’s power to influence this,” they wrote.

“We simply must wait for the water level to return to normal.”

Clever answer from the municipality

Robert Lindberg, a spokesperson for the Öckerö municipality, told P4 Gothenburg:

“The sea water level is not something we have any influence on,” he said.

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There are grumpy and easily offended people everywhere—even in the Scandinavian countries.

Complaining to the municipality because there is too little water in the sea—I never thought I’d witness such a thing in my life.

However, I think the municipality’s slightly condescending answer was spot on—now press that SHARE button below if you agree!