Landlord gets sweet revenge – on horrible tenants

Renting out a place can get tricky. You do not want to seem too strict, but at the same time have a solid agreement, get a good deposit and charge a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, the latter has skyrocketed lately – mainly in big cities. Many take advantage of how difficult it is to find, for example, an apartment in Los Angeles or New York.

Me myself, while renting out my apartment, made sure it felt like a fair deal to both parties. The most important thing for me was that my tenants would treat the property as their own and returned everything in the same condition they found it. 

Things went very well and we really liked each other, so I had no problem lowering the price so they could stay longer.

It went very well, but I had luck on my side – in contrast to the Frenchman Thomas Ravaux.

A Frenchman in distress

He rented out his apartment to a, to say the least, careless family, who had not paid a single dime in rent for 14 months. When he finally went to investigate the house, its condition was far from how it looked before they moved in.

The Sun, a British news site, reported on the state of the apartment, it was totally destroyed. It looked like a tornado went through the insides of the home.

It turns out the tenants had moved to their new house without notifying him 12 months ago. Maybe trying to avoid cleaning the disgusting mess they left behind.

Revenge time

Thomas had had enough – and decided to take revenge on the ungrateful, bitter, and rude tenants.

He packed everything the family had left behind in a truck – and drove to their new address. As you can see in the clip (below), Thomas dumped everything outside his previous tenants’ door.

He got to enjoy long-awaited revenge – and the family got back everything they “forgot”.

In a post on Facebook, Thomas wrote:

“This is how this flat was returned to me.

“Living like that with three kids, bravo. Shame on you.

“Good luck with your new landlord.”

“It’s definitely the worst I’ve seen. It’s actually pretty sad to see how people can treat other people’s possessions. I hope they learned their lesson. At least for the sake of their children,” he wrote.

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