Revenge: Idiot demands a window seat on a full flight

Being a flight attendant does not only mean serving overpriced drinks to passengers.

It is your responsibility to keep the people inside the aircraft safe. You work at a very high altitude and have very little space to move around.

Under these rather stressful conditions, flight attendants are still expected to serve everyone with a smile on their faces, even though people flying are often anything but pleasant.

But sometimes enough is enough, at least the flight attendant from today’s story thought so. Their brilliant revenge on a troublesome traveler has now made millions laugh, reports the British news site The Mirror.

During a flight to Japan, a male traveler was being unpleasant towards the flight crew and the other passengers. The reason was that his seat did not have a window.

Wanted a window seat

The man, who remains anonymous, kept harassing the flight attendants, asking to change seats with someone with a window seat.

Time and time again, the flight attendant explained to this unpleasant passenger that it was not possible on a full plane.

Got a brilliant idea

Despite this, the man refused to give in and in the end, the flight attendant got enough.

Instead, she solved the whole situation in a brilliant way.

The flight attendant in the picture is not related to the story. Image source: Youtube

The flight attendant had enough

The flight attendant walked away from the man and soon returned with a piece of paper that she taped up on the wall of the plane next to the unpleasant traveler.

Image source: Twitter

The flight attendant’s amazing comeback caused massive laughter among the other passengers putting up with this idiot’s behavior. One of them quickly photographed the flight attendant’s funny piece of vengeful art.

Making millions laugh

The picture was then published on social media and has, of course, gone viral. Making millions laugh out loud.

Many who work in the serving industry can probably relate to the flight attendant’s frustration and appreciate her funny, and genius, solution.

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