Robber messes with wrong woman after pulling a knife on her and asking for cellphone

Burglars and thieves deserve all the bad karma they can take, but first, they need to go to jail – at the very least.

These cowards take advantage of old and defenseless people. No matter who they steal from or what they take, it makes my blood boil.

The Brazilian thug in our story tried to steal a cellphone from a woman, but he missed one small detail – she’s a professional MMA fighter.

You could say things didn’t end well – for the thief.

That’s when Polyana Viana, 26 at the time, was outside her apartment in the city of Rio de Janeiro, waiting for a taxi as the man approached her.

Held in place

The stranger claimed he had a gun and demanded she gave him her smartphone, reports The Sun.

It turns out that this criminal made the biggest mistake of his life.

He had indeed messed with one of the world’s biggest MMA upcoming female stars.

She responded with a quick punch immediately followed by a high kick – to finish with a rear-naked choke that held the thug in place.

“I sat him down in the same place we were before and said, ‘Now we’ll wait for the police.’” Polyana Viana told MMA Junkie.

Taken to the hospital

It also turns out that the man’s weapon wasn’t real.

“Since he took the punches very quickly, I think he was scared. So he didn’t react anymore. He told me to let him go but then he saw how angry I was so he said, ‘Call the police then’, because he was scared I was going to beat him up more,” she added.

Image: Instagram / @danawhite

It ended with passers-by helping the 26-year-old by calling the police. Once there, they first took the man, who had previously been arrested for similar crimes, to the hospital to treat the wounds that Polyana Viana provided.

Then his next destination was the police station.

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