Rude man tells breastfeeding mom to cover up – her snappy comeback has the internet laughing out loud

A heating debate that keeps popping up recently, is the concern for public breastfeeding. Some people think breastfeeding is something that should be done behind closed doors. So they don’t have to “put up” with other’s intimates in public places.

The counter-argument, which most people probably agree with, is that breastfeeding is the most natural process that exists. Which it’s clear since babies, to be healthy, need to get fed whenever they feel hungry.

Mom Melanie Dudley, from Austin, Texas; was in Mexico on vacation, but a rude man told her to cover up when he saw her breastfeeding – her response has gotten hundreds of thousands cracking up.

In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Melanie Dudley was on vacation with her loved ones, including her four-month-old baby, eating at a family restaurant. As with any other baby, the little one got hungry, and so it was time to eat.

Rude man tells her to cover up

Said and done, Melanie pulled down the clothes that covered her, a little, and started breastfeeding the little fella. However, this didn’t sit well with some people in the restaurant.

Soon enough, a stranger walked over to their table and asked her to cover up, which Melanie did – but maybe not exactly the way the man was thinking.

breastfeeding mom cover up
Image source: Facebook

“We were at the back of the restaurant”

Melanie then asked her husband to give her something to cover, and then pulled the cover over her head.

“I’m usually discreet, but we were at the back of the restaurant,” said Melanie to Yahoo.

As everyone knows, breastfeeding is difficult as it is, there is no need to make it harder on a mother who just wants to feed her baby.

Carol Lockwood, who knows Melanie, took out her smartphone and photographed Melanie’s response.

Cheered by thousands

Carol uploaded the picture on Facebook where it went viral immediately. Which at the time of writing this article, over 100,000 people had seen the picture and laughed with Melanie’s resourceful response.

Other mothers who identify themselves with her situation celebrated the picture, and many others joined to cheer for the strong-willed mother.

What a clever mom, she really put the man in his place!

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