Woman laughs after locking her dog inside scorching car – police revenge has millions cheering

Unfortunately, there’s been a few stories of animals that died from the heat after being left locked inside a vehicle during a blazing summer day. Although we have been warned about the dangers, people continue to mistreat their pets.

There is no excuse for such behavior. It’s common sense not to leave your dog locked in a car during a hot day, but when arrogant owners still refuse to think about their animals, they deserve to be punished.

Karma will get you!

Now check out what officer Vincent Kreischer did when he found a panting dog locked in a car in New Mexico.

During a very hot day on the town of Albuquerque, New Mexico. While the police were patrolling the parking lot outside the Bullocks supermarket, officer Kreischer noticed that someone left a dog inside a car, reports the news site KOB4.

With no windows open or AC running for the pup – and because of the high temperatures, the officer knew the animal could be in danger and rushed to the car.

locking her dog

As police were approaching the vehicle – the owner came back. Apparently, she went inside the store for a quick shop. So Vincent approached her and questioned her decision of locking her dog in the car under such dangerous conditions.

“You sit there and laugh with the doors closed”

The woman answered, with an attitude, that she had only been away for 10 minutes, but he informed her of how hot it can get in a car during that short time.

“I don’t think you understand the law, because you’re laughing and you think it’s funny,” he said.

The woman then started arguing and acting violently, but the police remained calm – and would soon strike with an amazing comeback that is now being cheered worldwide.

locking her dog

Vincent Kreischer, while writing her a ticket, forced the unpleasant woman to sit inside the car under the same conditions the dog had been for the last 12 minutes. She, of course, complained about how extremely hot it was – around 114 degrees of temperature.

Recorded the whole thing

Afterward, this woman filed a complaint to the police and the local news station, but what she didn’t count on was that officer Kreischer recorded the whole thing with a body camera, a required device for all officers operating in the state of New Mexico.

That recording exposed the woman’s lies, said KOB4 – and it showcased Vincent’s professionalism.

Talk about karma catching up to you! I think the police officer did the right thing. Seeing this animal abuser have a taste of her own medicine was so satisfying!

And if you are wondering. The dog, thankfully, is okay.

Take a look at the TV clip below!

locking dog in car

This woman should be ashamed of herself – and the police’s quick reaction was fantastic, at least I think so. Press SHARE if you agree. Maybe we’ll make more people learn about the dangers of locking animals inside a car!