Father Max breastfeeds his daughter every day – and is encouraging men to "get their boobs out"

Father Max breastfeeds his daughter every day – and is encouraging men to “get their boobs out”

As new parents, you often have very clear-cut roles. Newborn babies need their mother more than their father, since she’s the one who provides nutrition via her breasts.

But Maxamillian Neubauer, a new father from Wisconsin, had to step in and breastfeed when his wife couldn’t due to complications from her C-section, Insider reports.

Little Rosalia was born via an emergency C-section, but complications caused her mother April to be unable to breastfeed.

“The first breastfeeding father”

But then Cybil Martin-Dennehy, a nurse at the hospital where Rosalia was born, suggested that Maxamillian try a previously untested solution.

“This super rad nurse made an epically killer offer, to be the first dad to breast feed a baby!” Maxamillian tells Insider.

Cybil Martin-Dennehy says, “This was the highlight of my career, finally having a dad say yes. I think we jumped up and down in excitement. You can just tell he loves his family so much.”

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This is how it works

This all begs the question, how is it even possible?

The tool that makes it work is a “Supplemental Nursing System”, and it’s used for mothers who struggle to breastfeed. It’s a feeding tube device for breastfeeding assistance that induces lactation and makes it easier for the baby to latch onto the breast.

However, the device used to feed baby Rosalia was homemade. Nurse Martin-Dennehy created it herself using a fake nipple shield, a feeding tube, a syringe and some formula.

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Wants to encourage more dads

Now that the birth complications have healed, mother April has resumed breastfeeding and the family is doing well.

Maxamillian Neubauer now hopes that more fathers will take after his example, even though he himself never imagined he would ever breastfeed a baby.

“I really hope it encourages dads to step out of the box. I’m loving parenthood. Dad life is where it’s at, man. Best thing ever,” the happy dad tells Insider.

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