Beauty model promises her mother to wear a one-piece swimsuit

As a parent, you always want to protect your children.

Haley Kalil, a model who won miss Minnesota back in 2014, was kindly asked by her mother not to wear anything other than one-piece swimsuits during her photography session at the beach.

However, that would lead to a shocking surprise—and now hundreds of thousands are laughing at the 27-year-old’s response to her mother’s rules.

Haley Kalil is a big name in the modeling industry. Recently, she went on a photo shoot at the beach for the magazine Sports Illustrated. However, the 27-year-old received a set of rules from his caring mother.

It was mainly about covering herself. Only “one-piece” swimsuits were allowed. This way, she would keep the skin exposure to a minimum.

Look what happens when she turns around

Of course, the beautiful daughter wanted to obey her mother—but not without a fight.

In a video on her Instagram account, which has hundreds of thousands of followers, the model says:

“The rules were a one-piece, so…”

When Haley turns around—things heat up! Check for yourself the amazing reveal!

The parent loophole

Since the whole swimsuit ties together on the front, it surely counts as a “one-piece.” But the 27-year-old exploited a loophole in her mother’s rules. As a result, the back of the swimsuit was anything but conservative!

The post took the internet by storm. Many believe that the model fits the revealing swimsuit perfectly.

sexy one-piece
Photo: Instagram / Haley Kalil

“That’s a great-looking back!”, Writes a follower.

“I don’t think anyone else will complain,” says another.

“Rules are rules,” says a third.

Her mother’s certainly not going to be amused. However, it is impressive how Haley managed to juggle both obeying her parents’ rules and giving her many fans exactly what they wanted. Now press that share button below if you also think she is beautiful and pretty clever!