Here are the sexiest shorts for this summer – completely see-through

Summer is almost here. Only a few more days until we start enjoying our well-earned break. It’s time for some nice weather, cold beers, and long days at the beach with our loved ones.

However, everything has its ups and downs. And for the summer, I’m pretty sure questionable swimwear is one of the main downsides. Even though some people wouldn’t be caught dead showing themselves in their underwear, they happily parade around the beach in shorts two sizes too small. It’s honestly quite the mystery.

But for those who really like to show off, there are now swimming shorts ready to satisfy those needs, to say the least. They are entirely transparent.

Now it’s essential to keep your wits about you because these shorts are not for those easily embarrassed. If the shorts have to be described with a keyword, it is probably “exposing.”

The sexiest shorts for this summer

We have seen similar things before regarding women’s clothing, but things have been more modest for men.

Until now, because these transparent swim trunks are only for those with a daring heart.

Image source: MaverickSwim

If I ever gave my husband a pair of these, he would probably faint.

Image source: MaverickSwim

The controversial brand MaverickSwim has developed the, to say the least, odd garment, which is making waves on social media.

Image source: MaverickSwim

You need to use underwear under it

They are so revealing that only your underwear (which we hope people wear) can hide “all the glory.” The trousers are transparent, so if you choose to go commando, you better head straight to a nudist beach.

So if you feel like wearing the latest fashion trend at the beach this summer, these shorts can be yours for $ 26.99.

Image source: MaverickSwim

The swimming trunks are secured by a white, elastic waistband and a neon green string for maximum comfort.

The shorts are available for purchase here.

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