27-year-old Amber is obsessed with tattoos and operations

At the age of 16, Amber Luke, now 27, realized she wasn’t comfortable looking like the average Australian blonde girl.

She wanted more for herself—and started a journey to find her ideal image.

Eleven years later, Amber has covered 98 percent of her body with ink and has become a completely different person.

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We have previously written about Amber Luke, who underwent several procedures to change her appearance in an extreme way.

Tattooed eyes and anus

Among other things, Amber has tattooed her eyes and anal cavity, enlarged her lips and butt, and split her tongue in two.

As a youngster, Amber was not happy with her appearance. She couldn’t stand the boring Australian blonde standing in front of her mirror every morning.


“I struggled immensely with my depression at 16, when I first started my journey.

“I saw it as an opportunity to reclaim my confidence and build myself into someone I’m proud of being,” Amber told the Daily Star.

Here you can see clips of Amber’s transformation. There is more info about Amber after the videos.


An expensive transformation

Amber has spent over 230,000 Australian dollars on her body, which corresponds to approximately $150,000.

Today, Amber’s skin is 98 percent covered in ink.

Hundreds of thousands follow her on her social media, but she also receives some hate.

“You think that it would hurt me, but I’ve gotten so so strong over the years of this torment,” Amber told the Daily Star.

What do you think about Amber’s transformation? Is she within her right to chase after her dreams? Or is it pure madness?


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