Adam, 32, has tattooed 90% of his body black – now he’s amputated his penis

We should all have the power to decide what to do (or don’t) with our own bodies, and discrimination against others due to their looks is vile and embarrassing.

After, all, it is natural to want to look different—that’s what makes the world such a beautiful and diverse place.

However, some people, to achieve their ideal image, undergo complex procedures—tattoos, botox injections, or even plastic surgery.

I myself would never dare to go under the knife unless it is absolutely necessary, but at the same time, it is good that the opportunity exists for those who want it.

With that said, some individuals take it a step further and make body modification the center of their life. In many cases, it becomes a costly obsession. Still, it is their choice—something the rest of us must respect.

A new skin color

One of the world’s most noticeable people when it comes to body modification is the 32-year-old Russian Adam Curlykale. He has 90% of his body tattoed with black ink.

However, there are no drawings or symbols on his figure. Instead, his goal is to completely change the color of his skin.

Even the whites of his eyes are now black. Still, despite his body modification being quite extreme, Adam was not satisfied.

Therefore, he recently traveled to Mexico to have surgery to remove his nipples, penis, and scrotum because they “interfered with the aesthetic enjoyment” of his new physique.

It all started after Adam beat cancer and was diagnosed with albinism. He was looking for a way to get rid of the blemishes left behind by the disease.

So the 32-year-old decided to tattoo over them, which led him to discover a new passion for body art. Since then, it has grown into his greatest interest.

“I always knew that I was different from the rest of society,” Adam said, according to The Mirror.

What annoys him the most is that empty areas still remain on his skin.

“I design my tattoos because it’s my body. I have a specific vision for myself and I do it step by step. Life is so short that I stopped wondering what will happen tomorrow. Life is here and now,” the Russian man said.

What do you think of Adam’s obsession? Should he continue to follow his passion, or is it madness? Feel free to share your opinions (in a respectful manner) or share his story with your friends!