Roberto got famous for having the world's largest penis – but his trousers were hiding a secret

Roberto got famous for having the world’s largest penis – but his trousers were hiding a secret

Penis size has been the focus of many conversations since time immemorial. Does size matter? Is masculinity dependent on penis size?

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, a man from Mexico, is famous for having the world’s longest penis at almost 19 inches.

But now he might lose his supposed title, reports the site All that’s interesting.

We at The Laugh Club have previously talked about self-proclaimed world record holders. According to the Mexican man, his penis measures 48.2 centimeters, which converts to almost 19 inches, which would actually give him the world record.

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Dreams of being a porn star

However, the man can’t get a full erection, have sex, or even be comfortable on the toilet. But this doesn’t seem to stop him from dreaming about a career as a porn star.

“I’m happy with it because I know that I’m the biggest,” Roberto told Barcroft TV.

But according to doctor Jesus Pablo Gil Muro, Roberto is nothing but a scam.

Doctors now reveal his secret

Jesus, one of the doctors who examined him, had his suspicions confirmed after the first examination.

“I understood that it would be a unique case with Roberto,” Jesus said.

Roberto refused to take off the bandage he had around his member. So Jesus started suspecting that something sketchy was going on.

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Overgrown foreskin

Jesus eventually forced Roberto to take an X-ray—that was when everything came to light.

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“The X-rays showed that Roberto has a huge amount of foreskin, which extends almost down to the knee. But the penis tissue itself does not extend further than 5 or 6 inches from the root. The rest is foreskin and inflamed tissue,” Jesus revealed.

Maybe they can now convince Roberto to undergo an operation to remove that extra skin and start his porn film career? I don’t think he needs a 19 inches member to work in porn.

Here is a clip about Roberto’s current situation.

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