Woman removed from animal park – after steamy love affair with a chimp

Most people would agree that bonding with a friendly animal is relatively easy. Animals are usually so innocent and curious that it is almost impossible not to like them.

But getting romantically involved with an animal is… problematic, to say the least. It doesn’t matter if the animal is a pet, comes from a mountain, or lives in a zoo. However, that last part is precisely what happened to Adie Timmermans. She fell in love with the chimpanzee Chita, from the zoo.

According to Adie, they love each other—which forced the zoo staff to bar Adie from the facilities, reports The Insider.

Every week for the past four years, Adie has visited the male chimpanzee Chita, 38, at Antwerp Zoo in Belgium. But now their romance is over.

“I love him”

Adie Timmermans claims that she and Chita love each other. They constantly wave and blow kisses at each other through the glass at the Antwerp Zoo.

Image source: Youtube

“I love that animal, and he loves me,” Adie said, according to The Insider.

Now, however, the staff at the zoo put an end to this unusual “relationship.”

The reason? The relationship was affecting Chita negatively. The other chimpanzees were starting to push Chita away because he was spending too much time with humans.

“Sitting by himself”

“He spent all his time outside the zoo’s opening hours sitting in isolation, shunned by the rest,” says staff at the zoo.

Image source: Youtube

Chita has a strong bond with humans because he grew up with them. Therefore, he prefers to spend time around the visitors instead of with the other chimpanzees.

Adie’s great sorrow

“I haven’t got anything else. Why do they want to take this away from me? Other dozens of visitors are allowed to make contact with Chita, but why not me?” Adie Timmermans told ATV with tears in her eyes.

Image source: Youtube

You can see the entire clip below!

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