34-year-old has spent over $50,000 to look like Ivanka Trump – "clean and perfect"

34-year-old has spent over $50,000 to look like Ivanka Trump – “clean and perfect”

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the many people worldwide obsessed with their appearance.

It is, of course, a shame that they are not happy with how they look from birth, but at the same time, we must understand that everyone has their own free will.

People getting surgery to look like a particular celebrity is something also getting quite popular. Maybe it’s an easy way to get in the spotlight, or perhaps you just admire the person so much that you want to wear their skin. Either way, it’s unhealthy and honestly a bit creepy.

I’ll never understand this fixation, but it’s hard to ignore that some people will go to any lengths to achieve their perfect looks.

We have previously written about people spending thousands of dollars to look like living Barbie dollsMarylin Monroe, or even Korean. Yes, those who resort to surgeries to change their appearance can be quite creative.

I would never get plastic surgery—unless it’s really needed, for example, to recover from an accident or a violent attack. However, I don’t think we should look down on those who choose to have various cosmetic procedures. It’s their own choice.

The latest in a line of people trying to look like someone famous is the now 34-year-old Tiffany Taylor. She is obsessed with looking like Ivanka Trump—the daughter of the former president of the United States.

Ivanka Trump. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Both Donald and Ivanka have faced much criticism during their political career. However, it is also clear that plenty of people still stand behind the controversial family.

Tiffany Taylor has now spent roughly $60,000 on beauty procedures to look like a copy of Ivanka Trump. Among other things, there have been two breast augmentations, two nose corrections, and even liposuction.

Tiffany Taylor. Image: ABC News.

Starting to look like Ivanka

Last year, she said the following in an interview with ABC News:

“I like Ivanka Trump’s classic features and that’s what I’m kind of the look after,” said Taylor, who also had cheek injections and a chin lift.

Tiffany Taylor. Image: ABC News.

Now she is finally starting to be happy with her appearance—believing that she looks more and more like the ex-president’s daughter. When ABC News asked what she thinks when she sees herself in the mirror, she didn’t hold back:

“I see perfection. Absolutely stunning perfection. It’s like an art piece. It has high points and some love. It’s really pretty!” 

Taylor also tries to dress and do her makeup the same way as Ivanka Trump to be as similar as possible to her idol. However, she doesn’t deny the possibility of more operations in the future.

Which celebrity would you like to look like, or are you perfectly happy the way you are? Leave a comment about what your opinion is on this topic. Or press that share button below if you think this is madness!