32-year-old “non-English” man spends a fortune on surgeries to become Korean

Most people spend their lives searching for their identity. Some of us accept and even embrace our looks, while others chase after their ideal image no matter the price.

For Oli London, his search took him through several major surgeries—he now identifies as Korean.

To look as Korean as possible, Oli has spent over $150,000 on surgeries to change his appearance.

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Oli London is 31 years old and makes a living as an influencer. He has over 694,000 followers on Instagram and over 30,000 subscribers on Youtube.

In one of his latest updates, Oli, born and raised in England, explains that he now identifies as Korean.


30 plastic surgeries

For the outer self to reflect Oli’s Korean inner side, Oli has undergone plastic surgeries no less than 30 times to look the part.

In total, Oli has spent approximately $200,000 on his operations. The operations include, among other things, the eyebrows, teeth, facelift, and eyes.

“I used to get teased and bullied at school. Whenever I was dating someone, they would cheat on me or reject me, and I always thought that was because of the way I looked.

“I was always insecure. So I thought, ‘let me change myself.’ And although it’s given me so much happiness, I’ve put myself through a lot of risks and I do admit that,” Oli said in an interview.

Image source: Youtube

Doesn’t identify as British

Oli now wants to be called Ji-Min, a name he took to better match his new race, which he has always felt part of.


“I know a lot of people don’t understand me, but I do identify as Korean. And I do look and feel Korean now. I don’t identify as British, so please don’t refer to me as British,” Oli says in a Youtube clip.

Oli has raised strong reactions online with his new look.


“Please respect my choice. It is very personal for me. So please be respectful in the comments,” says Oli.

Here you can see a video about his transformation!


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