Man at shopping center starts banging on a trash can

Shopping can be a pleasant experience. You look for good deals, maybe try on a few things, buy something you didn’t know you needed—and go home pretty satisfied.

However, if you can’t find the one thing you are looking for or are waiting for someone else, it can get boring pretty quickly. During these times, you can definitely use a nice surprise during your shopping trip.

That was actually the case for the visitors inside the German shopping center Riem Arcaden. Suddenly, a man in slightly odd clothes starts banging on a trash can in the middle of everyone—and the people around don’t seem to understand what is going on.

Soon, however, you realize what’s about to happen—and it is absolutely incredible.

Starts hitting a trash can

The people who visited this shopping center in Munich on this particular day will never forget what happened.

Shoppers were walking peacefully around the center, having a coffee and chatting with their friends—but suddenly, a man in special clothes stood up and started banging on a trash can.

Image: Youtube/voXXclub

He gets some surprised looks, but continues his drumming—which sounds a bit familiar.

Soon everyone realizes what’s happening. Seconds later, more men start to join the man’s fast-paced “show.”

Then, clapping and dancing mall visitors tune in to what turns out to be the famous song “Rock mi” by the German band Voxxclub.

You can feel the great atmosphere

It’s also the members of the group who hid in plain sight among all the shoppers—to then join the catchy song.

Image: Youtube/voXXclub

As time goes by, every person joins the sudden folk party—right inside the shopping center.

The rhythm, the melody, the community, and the joy can really be felt!

Image: Youtube/voXXclub

Some people who were further away, wondering what was going on, make their way to the now crowded venue to look at the impromptu performance.

Image: Youtube/voXXclub

Old and young, men and women, office men and mothers of young children—all are welcomed and happily participate in the incredible party that started from absolutely nothing.

Image: Youtube/voXXclub

This is guaranteed to be a lifetime memory for everyone involved.

This clip gives me goosebumps

Voxxclub had also ensured every second was on video—just like they did last time when they did a similar performance on a train.

Image: Youtube/voXXclub

Below you can watch a clip of the wonderful moment—I actually got goosebumps!

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