Travelers worry when a man starts making noises on the train

One of my least favorite things is traveling. I don’t mean going on a trip; that’s awesome. Visiting and exploring new places is the dream. What I mean is the act of riding a train, plane, or car to a far away destination.

You have to sit still and wait for hours. Nowadays, our phones, or the small computers we carry in our pockets, make distracting yourself much easier.

But as someone who is 6’4, it still sucks to have my legs all cramped up in seats that feel smaller every year. Music and media can only help me so much.

With that said, one of my favorite things about these unavoidable situations is that you get to connect with others going through them with you. These social interactions will stick to memory due to how rare they are.

With that said, in Munich, a metro train was heading to the location of Oktoberfest, a beer festival famous worldwide. Suddenly, a man stood in the aisle and began to sing.

Image: Youtube / voXXclub

The travelers, however, soon realized why.

Travelers go from worry to joy

It was the German band Voxxclub who was behind this festive encounter. We have previously written about them doing something similar on a commercial flight—but now it was time to make this subway ride an unforgettable moment.

Image: Youtube / voXXclub

After the man clarifies what’s going to happen, they start playing music—at first, everyone is a bit stiff and awkward in the metro cart.

Image: Youtube / voXXclub

However, as more people get on the train, the more the dancing and singing make their way around the crowd.

Image: Youtube / voXXclub

After just a few minutes, the inside of the train becomes a party.

Travelers on the train can hardly believe their eyes, and soon join the celebration. There’s dancing, singing, and cheerfulness—everyone is having a blast!

Image: Youtube / voXXclub

Every single person has a huge smile on their face, no matter their age.

A memory for life

It just gets better and better. VoXXclub shows us that anywhere can be joyful—even if you are on a regular subway train in the middle of the day.

Image: Youtube / voXXclub

This probably was a lifetime memory for everyone involved. Thankfully, the band made sure everything was in video—and millions have now seen the clip.

Image: Youtube / voXXclub

This is how I would like my next train ride to be—what an incredible experience!

Now take a look at the fantastic video below!

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Imagine being able to experience something like this!