Passengers get confused when flight attendant starts banging on the luggage compartment

Flying is not that fun. Even though the destination is usually exciting, it is difficult to enjoy sitting in a cramped chair between strangers for at least a few hours.

Most of us try to sleep the trip away. But others may be content with listening to music, watching movies, or just thinking about life in general.

We are simply trying to make time go by as quickly as possible. So we can get the flight over with and start enjoying the fruits of our sacrifice.

Imagine if you could instead do something stimulating and memorable during the flight itself. Such was the case on a German plane a while ago. The clip from the cabin has now amazed millions online.

Flight attendant starts banging the door

Yes, the passengers aboard this flight were part of an experience they will never forget. One of the attendants was doing the last checks before the flight – but then she suddenly started pounding with one hand on the luggage compartments.

flight attendant
Image: Youtube

She does it with rhythm, creating a sort of melody – and soon the whole cabin is filled with singing, clapping, and dancing from the rest of the passengers.

Everyone is eventually drawn into the festive mood that keeps slowly but surely rising.

fun while flying
Image: Youtube

It is the German band “Voxxclub” that is on its way to Blumenau to celebrate Oktoberfest.

singer in flight
Image: Youtube

The musicians, flight crew, and other travelers suddenly sing along to the song “Rock Mi”, and the atmosphere on board is just incredible!

Image: Youtube

What used to be a regular, routine flight became something completely spectacular!

You can see the stunt is planned, of course. The video is captured from several angles and is very well put together, so there certainly was some preparation.

However, it all feels very genuine – and I hope this is how it is next time I get on a plane! What a great atmosphere!

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Imagine being part of something like this!