One of these blondes is the mother of the other two

Over the years, we have seen plenty of evidence that age is just a number. However, some people seem to have a special ability to stay young externally and internally, even though the years still go by.

48-year-old Natalie Wardell from Australia is one such person. She is constantly mistaken for one of her three daughters’ sisters instead of their mother, writes the Daily Mail.

When you meet a parent with their child, you can jokingly say they are like two peas in a pod to compliment the older parent.

But when people meet the Wardell family, they can actually not tell the difference between the mother and her daughters.

Going to clubs together

The family consists of mother Natalie, 48, and daughters Jazmyne, 23, Tamika, 21, and Montana, 18.

However, They don’t have a traditional mother-daughter relationship. Instead, mother Natalie is another member of her daughters’ sisterhood, and together they usually visit nightclubs, festivals, and much more.

“They ask if we’re sisters”

As the women in the family like to dress in short skirts and other prominent colors, they often get a lot of attention when they go out. Still, no one believes them when Natalie says she’s the oldest.

“People ask if we’re sisters all the time, and some even think Jazmyne is my mum because she’s so tall and I’m so short. ‘I guess it’s a compliment to me,” says Natalie to the Daily Mail.

Can you see who the mother is?

Here is a picture of just Natalie.

However, it is not all easy. Natalie also has to endure some criticism.

“I guess it’s a compliment to me, but people will say things like ‘You try to copy them,’ but I mean, I’ve had long blonde hair since I was 15. It’s just genetics,” Natalie says to the Daily Mail.

Of course, despite the age difference, it’s incredible how similar they are! Now press that share button below if you also think that age is just a number!