Swedish girl defies winter with ice-cold baths – this is truly amazing

The last Winter months are here. Despite the cold, winter, to me, is one of the most beautiful seasons. When the streets get covered by snow and the sun comes up, the city shines again. It feels like the dark and cold days have been given a new life; you can’t help but smile

With that said, it is important to dress properly for winter, so you don’t catch a cold. However, our fellow Scandinavians, see winter with a different mindset, maybe from the influence of Norse mythology. To them, winter is something to embrace, hence the phrase “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes”. A great example of this is Jonna Jinton. Who went viral on Youtube after posting a video of herself bathing in a frozen lake.

Swedish woman Jonna Jinton is a blogger who moved to a remote village in the beautiful north of Sweden. There, she devotes herself to what she loves most – her art.

“For me, nature is the most important thing I have. That’s where I get all the inspiration,” Jonna told Expressen, a Swedish news site.

Swedish woman defies cold winter
Image source: Youtube

Defying nature – by bathing in freezing water

In one of Jonna’s most viewed clips, you can witness how much she loves living surrounded by nature. To harvest energy from it, Jonna bathes in a frozen lake.

Image source: Youtube

Swedish woman – seen by millions

The clip where Jonna, completely fearless, submerges herself into the freezing water to defy winter, has been seen over six million times on Youtube. When you see the daring, but also stunning and beautiful clip, you’ll understand why. Its surprising peacefulness can captivate anyone.

Image source: Youtube

See the entirety of this wonderful and inspiring clip below!

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