Here are the new condoms for vegans – so they won’t get too much “meat” this winter

Did you know that you can have safe sex and, at the same time, be environmentally friendly?

The company Einhorn has been making vegan condoms for a while according to Interesting Engineering. We welcome these new kinds of products as more and more people try to fight climate change.

You probably didn’t know that condoms were something vegans were against, but the fact is that most contain a protein taken from animals, used to makes the latex softer.

The new vegan condoms

So to attract sex enthusiasts who are passionate about our planet’s life, the German company came up with this revolutionary condom.

Image: Greenpicks / Unicorn

It was only after they discovered that this type of product was missing from the gigantic condom industry, which is worth $7,000,000,000. The obvious conclusion: it was time to make a vegan condom.

They wanted to create a condom that was both safe and durable – for both the environment and the users. Einhorn believes that we must follow this new and progressive trend of more and more vegan products – in every conceivable market.

So now it has made its way into our bedrooms as well.

Good news for all vegans who don’t want to put any “meat” inside them this winter!

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