You've been boiling your eggs wrong your whole life

You’ve been boiling your eggs wrong your whole life

How long should you boil an egg? Should you put it in before or after the water has started to boil? How to peel them without making a mess?

There are as many opinions about cooking eggs as there are stars in the sky. Sometimes, tips about food make your jaw drop, and you have to re-evaluate everything you have done before.

With that in mind, here are six steps to have a perfectly boiled egg, according to the Swedish site Expressen.

Boiled eggs are a big part of the Swedish breakfast culture. Swedes eat a yearly average of 200 boiled eggs per person.

Get a perfect egg every morning

Almost all of us have our own way of boiling eggs—but what is the actual best way?

Thanks to the Swedish obsession with boiled eggs and the website Expressen, using only a few things from your home, you can get a perfectly cooked egg in six steps. Tag along!

1. Get the eggs to room temperature

First, remove the eggs from the fridge at least 20 minutes before using them, so that the eggs reach room temperature before cooking. If they are at room temperature, the shock will not be as great when they start getting heated, and the risk of cracks is reduced.

2. Push in a thumb tack

All you need is a thumb tack. Press the pin on the roundest part of the egg, usually the bottom, because that is where the air collects. This will relieve the pressure in the egg, which means that the shell won’t crack. Remove the pin before putting the eggs in the water.

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3. Don’t cook at the highest temperature

Remember to barely hit boiling temperature on your water before putting the eggs in. Using a spoon, carefully immerse the eggs in the boiling water. Do not let the water boil for too long at the highest temperature—it will make the eggs hard and rubbery. Boil for 10 minutes.

4. Shake the pan until they crack

Drain the water but leave the eggs. Shake the pan so that the eggs bang together and the shells crack.

5. Ice cold water

Now pour ice cold water on the eggs and leave them for five minutes. This will stop the cooking process.

6. Peel and enjoy

You can then peel them under running cold water so that it can get under the shells. This makes it even easier to peel the eggs. Good luck, and enjoy your perfect eggs!

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