16 babies that completely ruined their family photos

Babies are adorable, but they also tend to put parents in the most awkward situations. Used diapers, a bunch of half-eaten food all over the house—and some random accidents involving poop make the perfect formula for mom and dad to start realizing there actually is a bad side to parenthood.

As a new parent, you want nothing more than to share pleasant memories with your child. Some are content taking regular pictures, while others hire a professional photographer and studio.

Regardless, babies seem to sense when a camera is around—but not in a good way. Therefore, here are 16 of the best pictures we have seen of children destroying a potentially great photo.

Of course, accidents can happen, but the randomness of small children makes it absolutely hilarious!

1. Yup, this is happening!

babies ruining photos 01
Image source: Kristy Grant

2. Dad’s face says it all

Image source: Facebook

3. Nothing can stop a Dad’s smile

babies ruining photos 03
Image source: Facebook

4. It’s so cute when the baby is lying on dad’s back

Image source: Facebook

5. A little surprise!

babies ruining photos 05
Image source: Bored Panda

6. Don’t look up Dad!

Image source: Reddit

7. Right in the mouth!

babies ruining photos 07
Image source: Bored Panda

8. It backfired!

Image source: Bored Panda

9. We can’t see it, but we can feel it

Image source: Instagram

10. Hey mom try this!

Image source: Bored Panda

11. Sibling love!

babies ruining photos 11
Image source: Imgur

12. Dad seems to be having fun

Image source: Flickr

13. What a great day at the beach!

babies ruining photos 13
Image source: Twitter

14. The fountain of fun!

Image source: Fima

15. Not according to plan

babies ruining photos 15
Image source: Imgur

16. It seems they really like this position!

Image source: Pinterest

Sometimes life as a parent gets a bit crazy—but that’s also part of why we love babies!

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