Wedding Photographer takes pictures of the guests’ first and last drinks

Getting married is a milestone you will remember for the rest of your life. It is a wonderful day where you celebrate love with your partner in crime, surrounded by your loved ones.

Summer is the time of year when most people get married, which is understandable as the weather is nice and warm and the days are a bit longer.

Weddings are usually pretty good celebrations. There is beer, cider, champagne, and a tasteful assortment of foods.

A wedding photographer got the brilliant idea of taking pictures of the guests after their first and last drinks—and the results are amazing!

What do we look like after an evening of hard partying? Most people probably don’t want to know, but it turns out the answer is: hilarious!

Delightful wedding

In a clip now circulating online, you follow a wedding photographer who films all the guests when they get their first drink for the evening and then when they get their last one.

First is the groom, who looks super stylish in his summer blue suit.

Image source: Twitter

Later, the groom still looks happy but a little tired. The vest and tie have gone rogue somewhere through the evening.

Image source: Twitter

Then it’s time for one of the bridesmaids. She looks pretty smart before finishing her first drink.

Image source: Twitter

But it seems it was a few too many between her first and last for this bridesmaid.

Image source: Twitter

The bride is tired but happy

Last in the mentioned clips is the bride, who looks like this when the evening begins.

Image source: Twitter

When it comes to going home, it is a slightly more worn bride we see.

Image source: Twitter

She has collected what looks like her husband’s rogue tie and looks more than happy with the evening.

Check the whole clip below

Wonderful! Sure, the guests are a little drunk, but that’s how it should be at a wedding!

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