This is the ultimate fart guide for a healthy relationship

Everyone wants to find a partner to share their life with. A best friend you will love through thick and thin. Someone who always listens and is there for you.

But no one is perfect, so there will always be minor problems to overcome together. One of these problems is farting in bed.

What’s the best way to pass gas in a shared bed?

The artist Weng Chen experienced these problems but had a bit of a hard time bringing them up.

According to the site Small Joys, she decided to draw a “guide” for farting in bed when you are with your partner.

Below, you’ll see the five ways you can fart in bed.

1. The Polite Way

Image Source: Small Joys

The selfless—and thoughtful way. You simply get out of bed and fulfill your gassy needs elsewhere.

2. The Kind Way

Image Source: Small Joys

You fart under the blanket, with your ass facing away from your partner.

Image Source: Small Joys

Then you fan the smell with the help of the blanket. The downside is that the flapping of the blankets can wake up your partner.

3. The Convenient Way

Image Source: Small Joys

When you are in bed and want to keep the smell outside, stick out your butt and let it rip.

4. The Slow Burner

Image Source: Small Joys

Here you need no effort—just unleash the Kraken and stay warm under the covers.

Image Source: Small Joys

Waste nothing—keep the blankets tightly closed and don’t move.

Image Source: Small Joys

Your partner will move under the blanket and activate your trap card. It is called the slow burner for a reason—not a nice thing to do.

Unless it’s a prank of course, if that’s the case, it is hilarious.

5. The Violent Way

Image Source: Small Joys

If you woke up and have chosen violence, fart when you are the small spoon. Remember, you must have the utmost faith in your relationship. This is the final test of resilience.

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