Terrified woman calls 911 after finding something disturbing in her bathroom

Working for the police, you deal with the worst that society has to offer. People mostly call the police after things get out of hand. It’s hard to imagine all the crazy situations they’ve witnessed.

The Liverpool police department received a wild call from a very shaken woman not too long ago.

She had an unwanted visitor—an 8 feet long boa constrictor. The reptile had made itself comfortable in her bathroom, according to the police report.

As a police officer, your job is to ensure the safety of your citizens.

Every day, police officers know that they might put their lives at risk. It’s part of the job.

A terrified woman calls the police

But sometimes, police training doesn’t prepare them for all the surprises they’ll have to face in real life.

The police in Merseyside, Liverpool, got a bizarre call the day before New Year’s eve. A terrified woman stated that an 8 feet long snake was currently occupying her bathroom.

Neither the woman living in the apartment nor her neighbors had any idea how the snake ended up there.

Image source: Facebook

The snake was chilling

After the police arrived at the scene, they had to do some research before classifying the reptile as a boa constrictor. They let out a sigh of relief since that meant it wasn’t poisonous.

However, they had to call several organizations and zoos to ask for help. Still, no one had the means or time to pick up the snake, which seemed to be taking it easy in the bathroom.

Image source: Facebook

Finally, a police officer with previous reptile experience came to the rescue. He gave the snake some water and then put it in a large box.

The police took the illegal bathroom resident to an animal hospital for the night.

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