Here are the new beer-flavored sausages that can get you drunk

Is there anything that says summer more than a cold beer and a grilled sausage? Barbecues with friends and family are reminiscent of the best memories you have. Simpler times during those wonderful summer days you hoped would never end.

The sausages rustling on the grill, the beer that feels like ice to the touch, nice company, and the sun wrapping the whole scenario in a warm and cozy glow.

They are the very essence of summer. But now you can also combine these two wonderful flavors – thanks to the new beer-flavored sausages! Reports Ladbible.

The British food chain Aldi is dropping this summer’s bomb in their food and drink section. Their new barbecue sausages are called “British Boozy Bangers” and are, as it sounds, barbecue sausages with a taste of booze or cider and have an alcohol index of 3.5 percent.

Choose between beer and cider

If you prefer ciders, you can buy the variant Thatcher’s Traditional Cider and Bramley Apple, which tastes like the British cider.

But if you prefer beer, you should aim for the Golden Ale and Cheese variant.

If you want to get a good buzz going, forget about drinking an entire sixpack of beer to achieve your desired intoxication level. Because these sausages contain the same alcohol percentage as a pint of beer.

beer-flavored sausages
Image source: Aldi

Get ready for the summer

These sausages come in packages of 1lb and cost only $3, which makes this summer’s most tasty-sounding treat like a real steal!

If you want to get everything ready for this summer, all you have to do is clean up your grill and order a few packs of beer-flavored sausages. A perfect opportunity to celebrate (hopefully) the end of all this pandemic non-sense.

So this summer, fire up the grill and call over some friends and tell them you have a surprise – they will not be disappointed!

sausages and beer

Wonderful, right? With these delicious treats, summer is guaranteed to become a magical experience!

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