Mom happily holds up her baby for baptism during corona – then the priest pulls out a gun

We are going through some grim times, my fellow Americans, keep strong and let your voice be heard.

Being away from our loved ones has taken a toll on most of us. Our way of life has changed drastically, among other things, big gatherings often have to be canceled. Parties, concerts, college, everything is on hold. 

Even baptisms, it seems.

However, some churches have devised a workaround to solve this dilemma.

A creative baptism

Of course, it sounds quite complicated to carry out a baptism when you can’t have a lot of people in the same place, and even if it’s a small group, they should keep a safe distance from each other.

Especially for those who are part of the risk groups.

However, some churches have gotten pretty creative to bypass this problem. A brilliant proof of that is an image that went viral online last week. You can see a happy mother holding her little child up for a “long-distance baptism.”

Made hundreds of thousands laugh

The old man stands at a safe distance from the family in the church, but then, how can he get the holy water on the baby? Well, I’m glad you asked. The answer is by pulling out a water gun filled with holy water! They call him the fastest hand in the church!

We live in interesting times… #9ACA .This picture of a priest baptising an infant with a water gun has recently gone viral on Twitter.

Posted by A Current Affair on Sunday, May 24, 2020

It guaranteed a safe and successful baptism for everyone involved. It also left hundreds of thousands without breath from laughing so much after watching the video.

However, this wonderful priest is not the only one who’s taken matters into his own “guns.” Earlier this spring, another image came out online when Mary and Kyle Nielsen of Minnesota were naming their two-month-old baby.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

They invited the nearby parish pastor who, after the more traditional ceremony, chose a big water gun to carry his corona-adapted baptism – at a safe distance.

Social Distancing Baptism

Posted by Cynthia Holmberg Henschen on Sunday, March 29, 2020

I think it is absolutely incredible that priests and churches can adapt to these difficult times. It is essential to make the best out of the situation – and imagine being able to tell others you were baptized with a gun! How cool is that?!

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