Wild fight in grocery store after coronavirus – over the last rolls of toilet paper

Wild fight in grocery store after coronavirus – over the last rolls of toilet paper

The coronavirus is holding the world hostage.

Whole countries are under quarantine, people have to either work from home or not at all, most borders and businesses are closed – and health care is having the hardest time trying to catch up to the pandemic.

The situation is critical, to say the least – and many people are filling their basements and bunkers with as many products as they can find. However, this only leads to more panic and paranoia.

Most of us have witnessed the empty shelves at our local grocery store. People buy sanitizer and toilet paper as soon as they hit the stores – and it is clear that most are over-preparing for the worst-case scenario. 

Big worries – about toilet paper

The coronavirus, in Europe, has hit Italy the worst, but other countries such as Spain and France have closed their borders. The Nordic countries, at the time of writing, seem to have the infection rate under control. In other places like Iran, however, the virus is spreading at an alarming rate.

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In Australia, there is an emergency related to the coronavirus outbreak, but no due to the infection rate. Instead, it’s because of toilet paper. People are literally hoarding all the toilet paper – it takes minutes after stores restock shelves. Australians are buying so much that the authorities made a public statement asking citizens to start making sense. Besides, some stores have introduced limits on how much toilet paper you can buy.

The police were called over a dispute involving toilet paper. Things got pretty crazy, as someone pulled a knife, reports the BBC. Sadly, this is not only happening in Australia. Oregon State’s Police made a Facebook post begging people to stop calling 911 when they run out of toilet paper. This pandemic has truly exposed human selfishness this time around.

Some people simply do not seem to understand the situation. In these tough times, helping others (by letting them get some toilet paper, for example) – it’s much more beneficial than hoarding supplies away from people in need. If your neighbor has no hand sanitizer, it doesn’t matter that you have 18,000 bottles. By taking resources away from them, you put yourself and your loved ones in unnecessary danger. Please think rationally and don’t let the panic cloud your judgment.

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