Brothers have to donate 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer after failing to sell them expensive

The Coronavirus, or Covid-19, is spreading over the world as we speak, which has caused many countries to more or less shut down.

In many states, we have seen many stores’ shelves without a trace of canned food, jars, toilet paper, and most hygiene products like rubbing alcohol and sanitizer.

Our story today is about brothers Matt and Noah Calvin, who saw other’s misfortune as a chance to earn some quick cash when the virus was first announced. They bought 18,000 bottles of sanitizer to later sell them much more expensive once demand was higher.

But these greedy brothers’ plan failed – and the authorities forced them to donate every single bottle, reports the New York Times.

Drove hundreds of miles

For more information about the coronavirus Covid -19, see the World Health Organization page.

The Calvin brothers live in Hixson, Tennessee. Recently, they drove their truck hundreds of miles to buy as many bottles of sanitizer as they could find.

At the end of their haul, they had acquired 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, which they paid around $15,000 for.

Raising the price of sanitizer

The plan was to sell the bottles, which cost them less than $1, for $70, multiplying their money exponentially.

They see themselves as entrepreneurs just making money by being smart. While most people see them as greedy scumbags trying to take advantage of people in need.

They set up an online shop on Amazon to sell the products to people desperate enough to pay their prices. Had they succeeded in selling the bottles at $70, they would have walked away with more than a million dollars.

But Amazon, like most online stores, ruined these lazy scammers’ plan. As well as any other “genius” trying to sell overpriced wipes, hand sanitizers, and surgical masks.

Under investigation

The brothers were then left with almost 18,000 bottles of sanitizer in their hands (hehe) – without a way to sell them.

Instead of becoming rich by exploiting the tragedy befalling their fellow humans, the Calvin brothers are under investigation for fraud, which might cost them something much more valuable than money.

Forced to donate every single one

Besides, the Calvin brothers’ actions have not gone unnoticed online. They have been severely criticized for trying to make money our of other people’s misfortune.

Therefore, the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office forced them to donate to every single bottle of sanitizer, where two-thirds of them went to the local church and the rest was taken by the GA’s Office to be delivered to charities later on.

What do you think about this? Were the brothers smart trying to make money out of people in need, or was it just nasty?

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