Volunteers to be infected with the coronavirus for $4,300 in a bid to find vaccine

Recently, the World Health Organization declared the novel Coronavirus outbreak a pandemic – and every single media outlet is overflowing with the dangers, updates, and reports about the latest on the infection.

Of course, it’s vital to have a vaccine as soon as possible – and now you can get paid to help researchers in its development.

You can get paid 3,500 British pounds, equal to approximately $4,300, to infect yourself with a form of the virus.

Many states around the country have banned gatherings of more than 500 people, schools and universities will close indefinitely. Airlines have canceled most international flights. And people, for some reason, keep hoarding toilet paper throughout America.

Coronavirus 1
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These are just some of the latest consequences of the Coronavirus outbreak as its spread continues to grow around the world.

Get Coronavirus and money

Furthermore, the WHO has classified the infection as a pandemic – and no one knows how this ordeal will end. Getting a vaccine is therefore vital for the human race. Researchers are using all available methods, no matter how extreme.

A lab in London is offering £3,500 (almost $4,300) to anyone willing to inject themselves with the virus, Ladbible reports.

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According to The British Times, participants in the project will have to take two weeks off from work and will not be allowed to have any physical contact with the outside world until you are free of the virus.

At present, it seems that the researchers need to infect a total of 24 subjects.

Will cause mild symptoms

The company Avivo, which is behind the project, is one of at least 20 companies around the world working intensively to produce a working vaccine.

The Daily Star reported that professionals will inject the volunteers with two different – though less serious – forms of the virus. The varieties 0C43 and 229E, which according to the researchers, cause only relatively mild symptoms.

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They hope that by first developing a vaccine for the lesser infections, we will get one step closer to getting rid of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Participants in the study will need to stick to a particular diet, as well as ingesting medication daily, Ladbible reports.

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