Oliver asks dad the most embarrassing question, the 6-year-old’s reply makes me choke on my coffee

Kids understand more than we think. Sometimes, they even outshine us adults. Never underestimate those little rascals!

This dirty story is proof of just that. The last line made me laugh out loud!

The Harris family was about to eat dinner, and the father was in the kitchen, cooking the food. Suddenly, 6 year old Oliver walked into the room. He sat down at the kitchen table and looked very pensive, his brows furrowed.

“What are you thinking about, son?” his dad John asked.

“Hmm…” Oliver replied, “there’s a word that I can’t remember. What do you call it when one person lies on top of another?”

The question caught John completely off guard, and his face reddened with embarrassment. He thought he wouldn’t have to do the ‘birds and the bees talk’ until at least next year, but still, he saw no reason to lie to his son.

“Well, son, we call it making love,” he said in a tender tone.

Oliver thought about it for a moment, and then said, “Hmm, nope, that’s not it.”

Dad gets irritated

Dad John was even more embarrassed now.

“Well, some people call it screwing,” he said in a strained tone.

“Nope, that’s not the right word either,” his son said.

“Damnit, okay then, it’s called ‘fucking’!” his dad blurted out.

Oliver lit up.

“I finally got it! It’s called a bunk bed!”

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