Here’s the world’s largest burger – weighs almost 1,800 pounds

Eating a good meal is one of my favorite things! I’m a man of the grill myself – for me, it’s usually top sirloin, ribs, or burgers. Those are the classics that never fail — especially during the summer!

However, there are those who don’t just eat for pleasure or need — no, it’s actually a competition for some.

When it’s about eating as much as possible. In my opinion, it’s a bit of a waste, but fascinating none the less.

Recently we wrote about a pizzeria that challenged its guests to eat what they described as a “monster pizza”. The price for accomplishing this feat was a whopping $600, but despite many attempts, nobody has succeeded yet.

The world’s largest burger

This kind of massive dishes, when a good meal transforms into a challenge, seems to attract a lot of people — and so was the case after creating the world’s biggest burger.

World's largest burger
Photo: Chelsey Ray

The restaurant Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate city, Michigan, has accomplished the feat of building these giant hamburgers — also available on their menu. However, they’re not cheap — each will run you for $8,000. Now that’s a pricey burger.

When Guinness World Records paid a visit to measure the enormous creation, they found out it weighed over 1793 pounds, according to the foodandwine and mlive sites.

Personally, I think that‘s way too much, way over the top — but at the same time, that’s the mentality you need to join the Guinness World Records.

World's largest burger 2
Photo: Chelsey Ray

Brought the record back home

Back in 2008, this restaurant was the first to set the record for the world’s largest burger, With a 138-pound burger. That record lasted until about six years ago when a burger weighing 777 pounds took the title away.

But in 2017, Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar restored order in the galaxy with this giant burger. The owner Steve Mallie dedicated the new world record to his two daughters and his late wife Renée.

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