A spooky detail in this cozy family photo made the mom scream right out when she noticed it

Sometimes things are not what they seem at first sight.

What looks like a regular photo may actually contain a small detail that makes the image hilarious and sometimes even a bit eerie.

Spooky pictures have fascinated humanity for as long as photography has existed. From “ghosts” making their way to the picture, to weird reflections in mirrors and windows, the mystery surrounding these images picks our curiosity like nothing else.

With that said, a picture has been gaining traction online lately. You can see it below.

A weird detail changes everything

In this picture, we can see a family of five.

A wife and husband with their three children, two of them seated in a row, and the youngest one is sitting on mommy’s lap.

When you look at the picture at first, everything seems okay – but a small detail will give you goosebumps.

Here is the picture.


Can you see the detail? If the answer is yes, that means you have a sharp eye for details.

If you don’t, worry not, most people can’t notice the disturbing detail by themselves.

Below we’ll reveal it.

Here is the spooky detail

Are you ready? Now focus on the red circle.

spooky detail

There, an extra hand that doesn’t belong to any of the people in the picture!

Weird, right? We’ve don’t know where the hand comes from, but many suggest that someone photoshopped the arm into the picture.

Bonus image: funny detail

We’ll take another picture, but this time it’s not a spooky picture but a funny one.

Can you find the hilarious detail in this picture? This time, in my opinion, it’s much more manageable.

Image source: Twitter

A bunch of girls in bikinis on a beach with a guy in the background. So far, everything seems fine, however. Can you see what’s wrong with the picture?

Here is the answer.

funny detail
Image source: Twitter

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