The youngest sibling is funniest in the family, according to science

Families are wonderful! Every single one is unique and all their members contribute to the collective identity of the group.

One is responsible but messy, the other clever but lazy – and one is always the leader.

But which family member is the funniest?

The family’s funniest member is the one that lifts the mood in the car when the rest of the family is starting to get a little tired of each other. Of course, this differs from family to family – but according to a new study, there’s a family member that’s funnier than the rest.

The funniest in the family

A survey, conducted by the company YouGov, showed that the youngest member of the family is also the most humorous.


According to the survey, the order in which you are born gives certain characteristics to the siblings.

The responsible one

The oldest sibling usually takes on more responsibility, after all, they have to look after their younger brothers and sisters, while the youngest sibling becomes the family’s N°1 entertainer.

The study describes British families, but the same applies to American homes. After all, most families have a little comedian around!

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