Wife left terrified when she sees what her husband did in the bedroom

A man from Sandford, UK, wanted to surprise his partner with a romantic evening – so he decided to decorate and spice up their bedroom.

However, things no always go as planned – and the room resembled more a crime scene from a horror movie instead.

Even though this man, John Donoghue, had nothing but good intentions; he went viral online after sharing his hysterical attempt to a romantic, sexy, and passionate bedroom preparation.

bedroom romantic
Image: Twitter / @ JohnDonoghue64

Instead of a daring and sensual mood, he managed to create something reminiscent of a murder scene.

Bedroom out of a horror movie

Everything was going according to plan, however, things changed when he made the bed and decorated it. Minutes later he realized his mistake.

The rose patterns from the sheets and the petals spread across on top made it look like a horrible scene taken straight out of a horror movie.

The man decided to share his “romantic” creation on social media.

The picture went viral online – and thousands agreed that the patterns and the overall look gave out a feeling far away from romantic.

Clever comments

“Perfect for the guest room when you really don’t want people to stay.” Said a user.

bedroom romantic
Image: Twitter / @ JohnDonoghue64

“New bedding, yeah yeah. Own up, where have you buried her?” Commented another.

A third one said:

“He was such a quiet chap. The perfect neighbor. We never thought he would be capable of… that…”

Whether or not this couple had a romantic evening we don’t know, but sure hope so!

In any case, I think the man was fair game, showing his mistake to the world – it is brave to expose yourself in a world where most people in social media pretend to live a perfect life.

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