2-yr-old girl is caught touching the dog’s food and her immediate defense makes her look like a future lawyer

One of the greatest things ever is when an event dictates a before and after in a kid’s life, for example, their first word, their first steps, or even the first time they ride a bike without training wheels.

However, nothing beats when they slowly but surely start speaking and putting small sentences together. Life, for both parents and children, takes a 180 degrees turn. Suddenly you can communicate with these pure, naive, and curious little people. What a treat!

Sure it can be overwhelming but also lead to lots of laughter and joy!

2-year-old Lilyana is the living proof of this. This little devil was caught, by her parents, touching the dog’s food – something she refuses to admit.

“I did not touch the dog food!”

Lilyana, full of sass, doesn’t agree with the evidence – and in a heated argument with her mother, she is confident of her innocence. She claims her prosecutors are not telling the truth.

“The argument started because earlier when I was doing dishes, Lilyana came over and almost touched a sharp knife, so my husband told her not to touch it, and she said she didn’t touch it,” Sarah, her mother, told the Daily Mail about how it all started.

2-year-old and dog food
Picture: Youtube

“So, once I finished the dishes, Lilyana went over to the dog’s bowl and looked like she grabbed his food, and I asked her why she touched the food, and the argument started,” Sarah continued.

A sassy 2-year-old

Towards the end, Tim, Lilyana’s dad, jumped into the argument – and wholesome hilarity ensued. The determination and frustration coming from this little 2-year-old are adorable!

The clip has now charmed thousands worldwide!


Talk about being good at winning arguments!

This 2-year-old will be hard to handle when she reaches her teens! These parents must be proud (and a bit worried) of their baby girl. Such a beautiful family!

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