5 ”clowns” in kilts go up on stage – 1 of them makes a small gesture and the whole crowd goes wild

5 ”clowns” in kilts go up on stage – 1 of them makes a small gesture and the whole crowd goes wild

If there is something that always makes me feel good, it’s a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Many times it happens in the main stage or during a performance. Even if you know that something exciting or fascinating is coming, sometimes it’s hard to guess what some people can do.

Perhaps that’s why talent shows like American Idol became so big. We simply love to be shocked by other people’s skills and their ability to perform under pressure. If there is something that warms my heart, it’s when we can praise and impress each other.

Over the years, we have witnessed countless displays of talent that are now stuck in our minds. Those who influence us the strongest are often the ones who are unique and stand out in one way or another.

Flex on the doubters

Earlier today, however, I encountered this clip (below). It’s from the auditorium of a school in the United States. This day is for those who wanted to participate in a talent competition – and these 5 guys had been saying for a while that they wanted to be in one.

What’s awful is that nobody noticed that when they walked into the stage, they were prepared. That’s why they were called “clowns” and “bozos” – you know, those kinds of words. Even though they were mostly said with no malicious intentions, the boys would later make sure to prove everyone wrong.

From the week before the show, they started preparing a number that has now been seen by over 14 million people. It is an incredibly well-composed show that is based on their unique and amazing ability to play drums.

Incredibly impressive

This is absolutely true talent! But that’s not all, add a lot of practice in what can almost be classified as choreography, throw in some acting into the mix, then for the cherry on top, wear a magnificent kilt.

Yes, it sounds like a simple mix – but it turns out that is incredibly impressive. At the start of the performance, after a little gesture from one of the guys on the right, the crowd soon realizes what’s going on – and a big cheer breaks out.

Such things can really make anyone feel good. You can never get too much of fascinating shows – and this was one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen! Such talented guys!

Check out the clip yourself!

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/6iuD3pSgBcw” /]

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