Scoundrel tries to rob innocent woman – her epic rough revenge is celebrated by millions

Something that annoys me is when people can’t differentiate between what’s theirs and what’s ours.

To be in a bad economic situation is a horrible thing — but to steal to get out of it, It’s the worst possible way you can go about it.

And even worse, being a pickpocket. They steal from innocent people that won’t notice until it’s too late — by then their hard earned valuables are gone for good.

But something that cheers me up is when I see these people get caught — I love to see them have a taste of their own medicine!

It happened in a small city of Brazil — the event became world news.

A man tried to rob 22-year-old Sabrina Leites. However, he messed with the wrong person, since she happens to be a jiu-jitsu martial artist.

Crying on the ground

When she understood what was happening, Sabrina used her skills to defend herself — and locked down the robber on the ground.

Woman arm locks a thief

She put him on an arm lock that was impossible to get out of — and it all ended with the scoundrel crying on the floor while Sabrina defused the situation.

Woman arm locks the robber

At the time, she asked a person passing by to contact the police, who arrived 20 minutes later — and took the criminal into custody.

“Had he been armed, I would have never reacted — but since that wasn’t the case, it ended fast. As soon as he said ‘Give me the phone’ I knew what was next,” said Sabrina, according to the site 9gag.

A person in the vicinity started filming after the 22-year-old woman had neutralized the robber. This clip is a brilliant example that scummy people will sooner or later get what they deserve!

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