Mika defies winter with ice-cold baths – now see the detail that has millions laughing out loud

There are few things as good as taking a dip in cold water on a hot summer day. Besides cooling down, swimming is fun!

Finland is called “the country of the thousand lakes” for a reason — they have an incredible amount of water and therefore incredible bathing opportunities.

Most of us prefer to swim during the summer, but some people like to defy the winter and jump into the water even when the temperature drops below 30. Like Jonna from Sweden.

Mika Sagulin, from Finland, belongs to the stubborn souls who defy the winter and bathe anyway. But a certain detail in his way of diving made millions of people laugh out loud.

The year’s last dip is usually something you do more because it’s a fun adrenaline boost than because it’s actually nice to swim. Especially if it takes place during the winter season, like in the case of Mika Sagulin.

Preparing to dive in

In a clip that Mika uploaded on Facebook last week, you can see him prepare for what looks like this year’s last bath at a giant lake.

Crazy Finnish dives in ice-cold water 2
Image source: Facebook

But just when he‘s just about to dive into the icy water, the clip takes a very unexpected turn. We won’t say more, check the clip below for yourself.

Crazy Finnish dives in ice-cold water

After watching the clip, you understand why it’s become such a success — almost two million people have seen the clip, all amused by Mike’s wonderful “bath!”

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