Swedish girl embraces winter with ice-cold baths – now just watch when she turns around

The weather up north is mostly cold. Last summer, most people thought it was too hot, but now that fall is here and winter is coming, it’s going to get freezing.

I myself, try to embrace it and keep a positive attitude. Temperature and climate are out of our control, so instead, you learn to accept the weather.

Jonna Jinton, a Swedish 29-year-old woman, shows us how to embrace the winter. She’s had a lot of success with a video she posted back in spring, and now she’s done it again with a new inspiring clip.

Just over 8 years ago, the now well-known blogger Jonna Jinton, moved 600 miles north from Gothenburg to Grundtjärn — a small town with 10 inhabitants located outside of Örnsköldsvik.

Makes videos about her life

She now lives close to nature and devotes herself to what she really is passionate about — creating art.

“Nature, for me, is the most important thing I have. It’s the connection where I get all my inspiration from,” Jonna told the Swedish site Express earlier this year.

Swedish woman

The creative 29-year-old produces a variety of videos about life in the north of Sweden — and has earned millions of views on her inspiring and occasionally funny clips.

Earlier this fall, Jonna released a new clip. It talks about the Swedish cold during fall and winter. In the video, Jonna says that last year she spent most of the time ill due to the cold, but is sure that this winter will be different.

Step into the ice-cold water

To challenge yourself — one needs to face the Swedish weather. It will make you more powerful, Jonna believes — and regularly takes a bath in a nearby lake.

Swedish woman ice-cold

In the clip, we can see her stepping down into the ice-cold water for the first time. It’s quiet, nice and calm — but when Jonna turns around, it looks like she’s struggling to breathe with the cold water up to her neck.

“I feel a thousand times more alive when walking into ice cold water, and I can feel the blood rushing through my body, doing everything it can to keep me alive. At this moment I am completely present,” says Jonna in the clip.

Check out the beautiful and inspiring video below! I would never dare to do what Jonna does — what an amazing woman! Talk about challenging yourself!

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/eEDmZlVCCzc” title=”Swedish woman walks into the ice-cold water” description=”Swedish woman walks into the ice-cold water” /]

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