This funny clip reveals what old people do for fun – I laughed so hard I cried!

Just because you have grown a little older, and you don’t have the same energy as before, it doesn’t mean you should stop having fun. On the contrary, it’s at that point when you finally have more free time to really enjoy life.

As I just reached the age of 40, to see seniors who are happy and make the best out of life it’s an awesome feeling. It can be anything from traveling to going to the theater on a regular basis.

There’s a lot of us who want to protect our elderly in different ways. I try to create as much time as possible for my parents, but while they are doing well on their own, I always insist on driving my mom to her dance class every Thursday night. With the other “Aunties” as she calls them.

It also gives us the opportunity to hang out for a while without interference.

An elderly couple

The fact that old age would automatically mean a boring life is obviously insane. And this video (below) is the perfect evidence. It is from an organization called Antena, who had an ad campaign to provide an active and fun life for our elderly.

Old people have fun as well

“What old people do to have fun” is called the little clip, now seen by half a million viewers. It’s about an older couple driving a car, but the woman suddenly does something unexpected – which made me laugh my heart out

Now it’s an advertisement so I know it didn’t really happen, but it’s still very funny!

Just look at her

I won’t reveal too much, you’ll have to see for yourself – but the end will definitely make you smile! The actual clip starts at around 15-20 seconds, but be patient – it’s worth it!

This funny clip shows what old people do for fun - I laughed so much I was crying!

Such maneuvers from the old lady! This was really fun! Now, please press the share button if you agree, so you can share a smile with your dear friends!