Groom turns around and spots embarrassing detail, seconds later the church howls with laughter

Trying to keeping from laughing when you’ve got the giggles is something few people can manage. And if you’re somewhere where you’re really not supposed to laugh, then the task becomes completely impossible. Now imagine getting the giggles at a wedding when something really embarrassing happens…

The short video below has more than 20 million views, and it’s one the funniest things I’ve ever seen. A loving couple is getting married, and they are approaching the climax of the ceremony: being pronounced man and wife.

Then, the best man has an incredibly embarrassing incident. The groom turns around and sees it – and everyone starts giggling.


But it doesn’t end there. The groom can’t forget about the comical event – and soon everyone in the church is laughing with him. The groom is trying hard to hold back his giggles – and the whole thing turns into a hilarious struggle. He tries (without success) to fight the strong urge to double over with laughter.

I think everyone has been in a situation like this at some point. You try to keep a straight face, but you just can’t do it. On top of it all, the bride and the groom are wearing clip-on microphones, so the wedding-goers can hear every single thing!

Watch the video below! It’s impossible not to join in with the laughter – talk about getting a joyful beginning to their marriage!

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