Husband films a tiktok of his wife at the beach – or so she thought

Husband films a tiktok of his wife at the beach – or so she thought

In a relationship, it is essential to have a mixture of pleasure, seriousness, and humor. The couple must attain a balance for things to work out.

Some couples develop a certain type of banter that may seem raw and almost a little mean to outsiders, but as long as both parties can take it as nothing more than a joke, it’ll be fine.

The clip below is a perfect example of how you can tease each other in a relationship that is both a little nasty and very, very fun!

The wife, who goes by the name Thicctok5280 on the app TikTok, was visiting Florida with her beloved husband. She asked her husband to film her a little at the beach to perpetuate her sunny holiday.

Not just filmed the wife

But once the man turned on the camera, he saw a golden opportunity to poke a little fun at his wife.

In a clip that is now spreading like wildfire online, you can see the husband filming his wife, posing for a tiktok under a pier at the water’s edge. However, there is something else in the background.

Image source: TikTok

Exactly, another woman standing further away in the water. When the wife finishes posing, you can see the camera slowly pan and zoom in on the woman further out in the water, who seems to be fixing her hair.

This is sneaky by the husband, and hilarious.

Image source: TikTok

“Did not have the lead role…”

The wife herself comments on the clip as follows:

“I was watching my husband’s video from our Florida trip last week… I’d figured I’d give him a few poses. Thinking I was the main character the whole time. Until I saw whom he was really recording,” says the wife in the clip.

At the time of writing, the clip has over 3.6 million views, and the comments are not helping her husband’s case.

Image source: TikTok

“Had never done anything like it”

“Is this a joke or something? Had I done something similar, I would have been single,” reads a comment.

Of course, the wife in question defended her husband because she knew it was only a joke.

“It was a joke. He was filming me, and she just happened to be in the background. He loves me very much,” wrote Thicctok5280.

Here you can see the whole clip.


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