5-year-old calls 911 when his grandma doesn’t wake up

Teaching your kids how to act in an emergency is crucial because you never know when things might get dicey. Children must know whom to call and what to say to get help.

But since kids are kids, things don’t always go as expected. Like when a five-year-old boy in Wyoming decided to take matters into his own hands after his grandma wouldn’t wake up on an early Sunday morning.

The Wyoming ABC channel 13 reported on the rather unusual call that a 911 dispatcher got from a five-year-old boy. Iziah, a kid well versed in electronics and video games, managed to reconnect an old phone his grandma had laying around the house. Then he used it to call 911 to state his emergency.

calls 911
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Not your usual call

The boy asked the dispatcher for something that would make her laugh out loud. Of course, there was no danger, but dispatch must ensure everything is fine in these situations.

kids be kids
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The dispatcher explained the situation to a local police officer close to the area, who, after having a laugh, decided to make a quick stop and then head over to the house.

When he arrived, no one answered the door, so he knocked on the window.

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Iziah opened the door

The boy seemed worried as he realized he would get in trouble with his grandma. He begged the police to go back, but the officer had to confirm with an adult that everything was okay.

It turns out that the reason Iziah called 911 was to ask them to bring him Mcdonald’s, which the officer actually had brought him, as a nice gesture.

Image source: Youtube

Made thousands laugh

The five-year-old’s cute mistake has gone viral, getting interviewed by the local news and even getting some extra McDonald’s. Of course, he also learned only to use 911 for a real emergency in the future.

Check the full video below.

What a hilarious little kid—at least he seemed to learn his lesson this time around!

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