Mothers surprise their babies by showing them their boobs

Babies are adorable. You can never guess what they’ll come up with—and as a parent, following their development as they explore their surroundings is one of the best feelings in the world.

There’s never a dull moment when you have a little version of yourself running around the house.

Most parents can probably relate—especially the mothers who breastfeed their babies. So when the little devils see their mother’s tits in a completely different way than before, their reactions become priceless.

For toddlers, the mother’s breasts are a source of food and nutrition. When it comes to breastfeeding, you want the baby to feel safe and loved. It is an incredibly important procedure and something to cherish.

Showing breastfed babies their boobs

What happens to the kids when they randomly see their mother’s breasts in a different context and unpredicted way—when it’s not directly to breastfeed either?

Many mothers answered this question by filming their babies’ reactions as they showed them their boobs at random locations. The results were incredible! Happiness, laughter, and playful faces!

You can really see their eyes light up. If it’s because they think it’s time for food or just think it’s fun to see their breasts out in the open—we might never know.

Check out these four fantastic clips!

It is impossible not to be influenced babies’ smiles!

1. What a heartwarming reaction!

2. The first time he walked by himself!

3. Haha! Such joy!

4. Look at those eyes!

Such beautiful babies—their smiles, genuine happiness, and eyes full of expressions can make anyone melt! So now press that share button below to spread a little extra joy during these challenging times!