Idiot in a sports car honks at old lady – her priceless response has the whole internet laughing

When I was a kid, one of the first things my parents taught me was to respect the elderly.
It’s an important matter of course. I made sure to raise my children the same way.

Unfortunately, not everybody was raised with these values, and some people don’t understand that when you get older, things take a little bit longer.

This idiot, however, got what he deserved!

Revenge is sweet – an old saying that is true to this day. Perhaps that’s precisely why it lasted so long.

Honking like a fool

This clip perfectly illustrates what could happen if you show disrespect for the elderly.

An old lady is crossing the street when a sports car, driven by a young guy, brakes suddenly.

Instead of respecting the law and wait for the grandma to finish crossing, he chooses to honk and accelerate frenetically, as if that would make her go faster.

Old lady response
Image Source: YouTube

Learn from your mistakes

But this old lady does not care, she just swings her bag right into the precious car, and continues to walk at her own pace! See the full clip below.

Idiot honks at old lady - her answer made the whole internet laugh

What a feisty grandma – her reaction made me burst out laughing!

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