Impatient driver harasses bikers on the inside – seconds later he realizes his huge mistake

There are some reckless drivers out there who seemingly got their driver’s license from a cereal box. They just can’t behave around fellow drivers.

When you’re behind the wheel, one of the most important things is to follow the rules and respect the people who share the road with you. It may sound like common sense, but apparently, not everyone has gotten the memo.

The clip below is a priceless example of just that. Luckily, it ends with the rude and impatient driver getting his just desserts. I love when people get instant karma!

Bikers from the organization “Project 22 / Ride for Vets” experienced an unpleasant surprise when an impatient car driver grew tired of waiting for them to pass. He suddenly decided to do something extremely dangerous in order to mess with the bikers who were riding for a good cause – but seconds later, the douche driver would regret his decision.

Caught on tape

When the driver can’t get around the motorcycle convoy, he instead tries to recklessly overtake them on the inside. He puts the pedal to the metal and drives off the road to the right, but there’s just one little thing he has forgotten to take into account in his dangerous plan…

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the incident. The driver’s actions were not only rude, but also incredibly risky – both for himself and for his fellow road users.

Now watch the clip below! The man behind the wheel really learned his lesson!

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