Masked burglar breaks into Gery’s house through window, seconds later the thug realizes his mistake

These last few years, burglaries have been getting more and more common – it’s as if thieves no longer fear the law and the authorities.

There are even break-ins in broad daylight, right in front of shocked neighbors and passers-by. The thugs are getting bolder and bolder.

But this has also lead to homeowners stepping up their game when it comes to making their homes safe and secure. More people than ever are now installing alarms, setting up surveillance cameras and being more careful about closing and locking doors when they’re away.

The homeowner in the clip below designed an ingenious “trap” for the local wrong-doers. It might not have been completely intentional – but the result has millions of people cracking up laughing!

In a Facebook video uploaded by Gery Rodney Prince, a surveillance camera films a man in black pants and hooded jacket trying to break into a garage outside Gery’s house.


The man looks around for possible witnesses, and then forces one of the temporary windows open.

Was just a trap

The burglar probably thought that he had the perfect plan to steal the goodies inside the house – many house break-ins are done through garages. At first, he has difficulties prying the window open, but then he gives it his all and manages to force the window open – enabling him to sneak into the garage and carry out his devious plan.


However, the whole thing turned out to be a “trap”.

The garage doesn’t lead into the main house at all, but is just a half-empty space with its own entrance and exit. I’m sure the open garage made the thief feel really stupid. All that work for nothing!


He walked right into the trap – and who knows, maybe he has since reconsidered his criminal career. We can hope so at least!

Now watch the brilliant clip below!

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