Mother gets a ticket for driving 1 mile over the speed limit – the judge’s answer has everyone in stitches

Going over the speed limit while driving – it’s something that happens to most people, eventually. Maybe you were late for work, pick up your kids or just got absent-minded with the foot on the pedal.

Of course, it is not good to go over the speed limit, but it happens. Everyone makes mistakes, we just have to accept that fact.

This was the case for a mother-of-five in Providence, Rhode Island. She had, however, only driven 1 mile over the limit, and still got a ticket – but the judge’s reaction got everyone laughing out loud.

Judge Frank Caprio has made himself known through the television program “Caught in Providence”.


He has a rather simple way of approaching his job. He loves to have casual and many times comical conversations with the defendants – and we have previously written about his reaction when a woman got a ridiculous parking ticket.

Drove 1 mph too fast

Now this wonderful judge strikes again.

This time Katie, a mother-of-5, came to court with all her kids. The little ones immediately charmed judge Frank – who proceeded to ask Alex, the one who talks the most in the family (according to Katie), to come up to the podium.


The little boy answers a few questions for the judge. Like if he wants to work as a judge one day, or if the officer next to them should receive a raise – and if the mother deserves 5 days in jail for her crime. On the last question, to everyone’s surprise, he is pretty firm on the yes.

Still, she was driving only a mile over the speed limit.

The judge obviously does it mostly for fun and does not take the son’s advice. Instead, he dismisses the case – and the mother is free to go. Frank explains that he also has 5 children and compliments Katie for having such a beautiful family.

Takes his job seriously

It is a fun, heartwarming and wonderful moment. Everyone in the room has a smile on their face.


Below you can see the clip. I hope it cheers up your day – and I wanted to take the opportunity to pay tribute to this wonderful judge.

Talk about doing the job just right!

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